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Feeling low in energy and spirits, a consultation with Maud consisted of keen observation, astute questioning, empathy and good dialogue. She wears her deep knowledge and experience lightly so that options are discussed, and treatment is agreed in a collaborative manner - not prescribed. Her whole approach encourages trust. Most importantly her remedies are extraordinarily effective - both my energy and appetite for life are restored. Thank you, Maud!

RH, Brighton

Maud is a very helpful herbalist: I suffer with an unusual and complex condition and she researched the problem for me and went ‘the extra mile’ to find a solution. I would recommend her to anyone.

HF, Brighton

I found Maud’s insights into two health related issues very useful, comprehensive and reassuring. The herbal mixture made for me has virtually eliminated the visual migraines I was experiencing. I now keep a bottle of it handy just in case…. but don’t ever have cause to use it.

RC, Brighton

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