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Why visit a medical herbalist?

You would see a herbalist for many of the same reasons that you would visit your GP. Common conditions successfully treated by herbal medicine include:
- Sleep problems
- The Immune System
- Stress, Anxiety, Depression
- Fatigue, Low Energy
- Heart and Circulation
- Arthritis
- Respiratory Problems
- Digestive Health
- Female Hormone Health


What to expect on
your first visit

The initial consultation will take 60 to 90 minutes when medical history, lifestyle, diet, as well as details of the reason for your visit, will be discussed and documented. Sometimes physical examination will be necessary. Advice will be offered according to the history that is described and a tailor-made remedy - either a tincture and/or dried herbs for an infusion - will be prescribed. A shorter follow-up appointment, 1 to 2 weeks later, is recommended to review and possibly revise the treatment plan.

Medicinal plants can provide natural solutions to your health complaint.
In formulating a remedy, a herbalist aims to speed-up the healing process
and also correct any underlying imbalances.

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