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Nurture through nature


Hello, my name is Maud,

The birth of my son prompted me to consider alternatives to conventional medical practice which I had hitherto accepted without questioning: a more gentle approach to healing seemed necessary: nurture through nature.

At around this time I attended a seminar by naturopath, Nelson Brunton, entitled “Doctor, please can I have my cold back” and this set me on a path which led eventually to my training as a phytotherapist.  I qualified in 2003 and have practiced privately since then as well as being a partner for the past 8 years running Brighton Apothecary, located in the Open Market.  This was a community venture aiming to provide ease of access to herbal medicine for  local Brighton residents and beyond.

We have recently, rather sadly, had to close the Apothecary but I offer private consultations in central Brighton, Hurstpierpoint, or virtually.


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